Thou Art A Human Being Like No Other. 

Thou Art Meant to Honor Thyself. 

Thou Art Destined to Be the Boss of Thy Brain.


Commandments for Thy Extraordinary Mind

  • I

    Thou Shalt Take Care Of Thy Nervous System.

    Thy nervous system is a sensitive operating system. It requires rest, water, nourishment, purpose. Though ancient and resilient, thy nervous system demands care; to be stabilized by what goes on inside thy body. Thy nervous system is not stabilized by drugs thou puttest into it. Thy nervous system may be dulled or diminished for a moment by such substances, but cannot be trickedeth. Thou shalt know to become the Boss of Thy Brain is thy natural birthright.

  • II

    Thou Shalt Remember Thy Nervous System Knows All and is Pre-Programmed to Protect Thy Life.

    Thy nervous system has the largest memory storage available in the cloud, in the solar system. It files, catalogues and archives all; thine conscious and unconscious data, genetic data and epigenetic possibilities. Thou shalt know that thou canst trick it.  

    Thou shalt learn how to Tame the Beasts Within (beginning with Commandment #VII).

  • III

    Thou Shalt Breathe With Intention.

    Thy body and mind relaxation and excitation responses are altered by thy rhythm, pace, magnitude and depth of breath.  Thou shalt, therefore, remember thy breath and call upon thy lungs and mind to use thy breath to thine advantage.

  • IV

    Thou Shalt Get Up And Move Thy Body And Mind.

    Thou shalt remember thine energy level, zest for life, sense of vitality and ability to thrive are related to moving thy limbs, breathing deeply and causing thine heart to beat with joy; also related to moving thy mind in the way of learning new things, considering that thouest doesth not knoweth everything and thouest must have a beginners mind.  Thou must remember that an idle body and mind attracteth the work of the Dementors.

  • V

    Thou Shalt Identify and Live by Thy Values.

    Thou shalt knoweth what is thy true values.  Thou shalt not lie-eth to thyself that thy must survive or thrive by living by someone else's values and priorities.  Thou shalt work to live honestly to honor thine own values and reject the pressure of thine community when it tries to dissuade thee of thine sacred work of honoring thy values. Thou shallst recognize when someone else haseth influenced thou to adopt values that thoust don't really care about. Then, restoreth thy faith in thine own values.

  • VI

    Thou Shalt Know Thy Conditioning.

    Thy shalt take time to reflect, contemplate and be thyself; to cherish thine ability to be self-aware; to know and admit thy conditioning and from whence it came.  In thy wisdom thou shalt understandeth diversity and variety exists in all things, including thyself.  Thou thy conditioning exists, thou must open thyself to the transience of thy nature.  Embraceth thy changes. Thy shalt not take thyself too seriously.  Thine conditioning does not maketh thou and can be changed at thy will, and shall be changed nevertheless. Thou shalt enjoy thy Revolution From Within as it unfolds.

  • VII

    Thou Shalt Tend to Thy Blood Sugar.

    Thou shalt not jack around thy blood sugar by consuming candy, sugar, alcohol, donuts, soda, desserts or any other substance that is clearly marked as having 12, 16, 18, 22, 26 grams of sugar - or even carbohydrates - per serving.  Furthermore, thou shalt not fast from food in the name of weight-loss or health-building while thy blood sugar is plunging thy body and mind into depression.  Thou shalt eat food that nourishes thy body and nurtures thy growth.

  • VIII

    Thou Shalt Explore Thy Options.

    Thou shalt remember there are options for every situation, regardless of whether they situation is outside of thy body and mind or within thy body and mind.  Thy greatest tool for choosing thine option is thy Will. Let agility be thy friend and variety be thine entertainment.

  • IX

    Thou Shalt Find Stillness.

    Thou shalt improve thine ability to sayeth NO.  Thou shall sayeth NO to constant distractions and fruitless entertainment that thy knowest shall leaveth thee empty.  In place of thy former preoccupations, thy shalt do the simplest of all things:  Be Still.  Useth thy senses without judging the information thy acquireth. Instead, thou shalt find in stillness thine ability to witness the world and life (without stressing thyself).

  • X

    Thou Shalt Be Light-at-Heart.

    Thou shalt live wisely by saying NAY to thyself and others wheneth thou distracteth thyself with low priorities, yet thou shalt enthuse thy life with YAY to high priorities of thine own values that lift thee up to a lightness of heart and soul.  Thou shalt cast out of thine life the dark beings who put-eth forth effort to steal thine light. Thou shalt love thy light, easy, free heart. Thou shalt be thine own Ritual Opus.


Thou Shalt Invoke The Power Within To Stay Established In Thy Covenants.

Moi?  I'm just another smart, sensitive high-performer who has discovered how to keep her sharp edge and keen senses in tact as the world turns.

Sharing a Little History!


A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was a small town Connecticut girl excelling in college near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when I almost lost my mental footing.

I was doing my best to get the highest grades, tackle

every opportunity to improve myself and the world, and

show up for my challenges with bells and whistles. Stress was

a forgone conclusion for a full-time student working two part-time jobs. Wasn’t it normal for a busy perfectionist committed to high-achievement to struggle with racing thoughts, occasional worry, bouts of explosive anger, terrible muscle tension, neck pain, a fear of letting people down, and sleeplessness? Didn’t everyone say no to parties and, instead, stay in bed trying not to hyperventilate from nervous tension?


Upon consulting the EXPERTS to find out if I was normal,

the concept became more cloudy. So, I did what any brainiac did

(back when there was no internet). I went to my trusty librarian,

Fran, to get the best info available on the subject of, well, stress.


That’s when I met the late, great stress scientist, Dr. Hans Selye. Even though he had recently passed away, that’s when Hans became my mentor. Granted, our posthumous friendship was kind of one-sided.  Still, it was the foundation for my journey of self-discovery and what ultimately led me to my profession.

Hans is the one who freed me from the shackles of doctors and therapists who were not qualified to help one so smart and that had a brain that had been overrun by a zoo...

Dr. Selye's work set the stage for me to discover what it took to relax, and to revel in my sharp mind and keen senses with no apologies, and, best of all, to be the boss of my brain.


I am so glad to know you want to be done with anxiety, tame your celebrate your revolution from be the boss of your own brain.  Whether someone has labeled you with high functioning anxiety, or not, your brain is your property up there in your cranium.  You might as well know what to do with it besides use it to pass someone else's tests.


And, here you are!! You are doing it!  Great!!  Great JOB!


Dr. Selye would be proud of you.  : )



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